The collision of concepts that defy the mainstream idea of fashion and stand for honest self expression - ‘Honesty x Minimalist Mismatch’ is a light hearted approach towards allowing everyone to make their own trends owing to their real reasons and produce something that breaks the misconceptions to ultimately unleash a wave of freshness.
Fashion and clothes are much more than just a commodity, they are weapons of individuality. The youth is always out there looking for something new, hopeful and experimental whereas the tastemakers are bending towards minimalism and terming it as a post pandemic necessity.
The fusion of these opposite yet groundbreaking styles is sure to create the fun and optimism which is much needed at a time like this. Streetwear, a style that has been on the frontline and was born out of the people who stood for independence comes forward as the perfect binding tool to bring the two concepts together. 
The uniqueness of ‘Honesty x Minimalism Mismatch’ lies in the fact that they come from very different pools of style but at the same time promise to stand for individuality,  unconventionality and honesty.
Models - Aditi Parida, Mallika Singh, Aryan Udit, Asmita Seth & Akshat Jha
Makeup - Mallika Chaturvedi
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