Thriving on values that aim to achieve democratic expression and enable conversations - Perthro is a brand that stands by this. The brand is the torchbearer of positivism and creates awareness through fashion in form of artisanal statement pieces that have no age or gender. 

Pertho is not for the faint hearted - it is for the bold and the fearless, a brand that has a story behind every creation.
Values are treasured belongings that we receive from our loved ones - family, friends and well wishers alike, something that we pass on throughout our life. Imagery and products that evoke emotions are rarely found - passing on values in form of the jewelry pieces will not only resonate with the audience but will leave them thinking. Perthro knows no bounds and is made with love and passion for everyone alike - passing on smiles and values, one customer at a time.
Models - Neeharika Singh, Rasika Mahajan and Harshit Thapliyal 
Makeup - Vitica
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